Are you a stressed Teacher?

I have to take my hat off to the Teachers that I meet when running camp laser tag activities, the commitment to our kids’ welfare is amazing. What is even more amazing is the willingness to get involved in the activities with the kids.

That being said watching them play laser tag against the kids,  you can tell there is some stress relief going on for them too!!!! 🙂 The letting off of steam, and the satisfaction on some teachers’ faces when they score an elimination is worth every second of my job.

So, to any teachers out there who want to plan a “Team Building” personal development day,  look no further than Lightstrike.  We can help to ease those built up tensions, the frustrations, and the grind of the school year.  An afternoon of laser tag, with a sausage sizzle included will be a fantastic way to cap off your year.

Give us a call for the best tension buster around.