Combat Review – A teachers perspective.

Inviting Lightstrike to run our school staff meeting was, by far, the best decision made this year. Dave and Nick were professional and organised.  They set up around our school yard – turning our kindy and school garden into a battlefield. 

They were able to meet all requests we made (expect about letting me cheat, couldn’t get that over the line).   The atmosphere was electric. The players were pumped.  The equipment easy to hold, use and understand.  All 30 staff (who are a wide variety of age and fitness level) had the best time.  In fact, it has been labelled as the best staff meeting anyone has ever attended.  

Effective communication skills and team collaboration strategies were accessed in a highly engaging format.  Staff morale has never been higher and everyone participating in such a fun, outdoor activity, that totally counts as a gym session, has helped us get through writing reports and the last few weeks of the school term.  

If you are considering hiring Lightstrike, then well done – because that is an excellent thought. You won’t regret it.  Worth every dollar and every sore muscle the day after (you don’t have to hurt the next day, that’s only if you really want to win).  

Tell Dave that Dorinda convinced you to book and he will tell you a thrilling story of a highly competitive teacher who was almost able to take out the glory of shooting her principal and winning the final match!  Next year the victory will be mine!