“The tense silences… Tripping over logs whilst avoiding enemy fire… Screaming out new strategies mid-battle! The Night Scenario game was the most intense, thrilling, action-packed night I’ve had all year!”

From the very first minute, you and your team are made combat ready. You’re given weapons and told how to use them. Then you’re given specialist roles within your team and told what’s involved, such as the medic and the intelligence officer.

Finally, you’re given missions. You spend the entire night planning operations, attacking and stealing from the enemy, defending your base from all directions and sneaking past “The Resistance”. I can’t wait to play again!! – Colin S

When I think of laser tag, I think of Barney Stinson from How I Met your Mother running around, having fun but acting well below his age. However when I first played Laser Tag, I soon realized it is a game for all ages.

Dave and his team at Lightstrike Laser Tag helped me realize just how awesome laser tag was. Dave’s numerous qualifications which include working in the console game industry allow him to provide the best possible laser tag experience money can buy.

From picking innovative challenges that teams can compete in to picking ideal locations to have laser tag battles. Lightstrike Mobile Laser Tag is the place to call if you want to have the full Laser Tag experience.

Thanks Dave for providing the youth of Campbelltown at Thorndon Park a legendary afternoon of laser tag!
– Kumar
 (Youth Advisory Council Member)

Lightstrike Mobile Laser Tag’s goals are clear as day when you first step out onto the playing arena, to give the customer / participants the maximum amount of fun an enjoyment for a very affordable price.

Also they time making the games better, with new campaigns and scenarios to keep the experience fresh.

A friendly face tops it all off and they will do anything to improve your lightstrike experience.
– Mitch (Scout Leader)